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What is Hashboard?

Applying for a job isn't that simple. The traditional process is nasty, and can get pretty difficult to manage. Sometimes, the process can get very lengthy as well, stretching over weeks and months until you land your dream job. By that time, you would have probably applied to at least 20-30 organizations of your choice and tracking all of those applications and emails and cover letters you've sent - its a huge, huge task.

No reason to get all panicky. There exists a very simple solution ... Use Hashboard


Hashboard comes with lots of features that together from a powerful platform to help aspiring job applicants. Use the slider to explore few of the important tools Hashboard provides inside.

  • Application Tracking
  • Your Online CV
  • Cover Letter Generator
  • Letter of Recommendation Management
  • Lots More

We know you're already out hunging for jobs, we don't want to make your life tougher - we want to help you. All services provided by Hashboard are 100% free and very easy to use.



Save Time

Use our tools to help land your job and save all that time for other important things in life.

Your Own Online CV

Having an online presence is of utmost importance! Share your freely hosted online CV with recruiters and stand out from the competition.

Track Views

Track the number of views for your CV and Recommendation Letters when you share from Hashboard.

Easy Cover Letters

It's tiring, it's boring, and it's a very repetative task. But with #Board, it's super easy, fast, and often magical.


With all your important details stored on Hashboard, its impossible to miss it while applying for a job. Your profile is ready to go!

Fast, Easy, Free!

Get ready for your dream job in minutes! Absolutely no fees or hidden charges anywhere, ever.









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